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Before Christmas we got to spend a lot of time with family and it has been so fun! 

Our amazingly talented friend Amber took a rush-order THIRD round of pictures for us! She took pictures of me, Randy and Graham, of my whole family, and then of these cute cousins on Randy's side! It was such a fun little shoot, she did SO good with the babies and got some awesome pictures. Plus she rush got them done so we could have them in time for Christmas. She's seriously an angel. Need photos? Go check out her website (which I also helped design a little bit so tell me what you think!)

Christmas Sunday outfits! I just LOVE these boys! 

Graham met Santa! He did really good and then was just not having it with a stranger anymore hahaha. It was so sweet!!!

We went to This Is The Place for Candlelight Christmas where Graham licked the sugar off of our donuts and Randy held him as we danced the Virginia Reel. He was laughing and smiling SO much and it was just precious.

Randy and I went out on a fancy date night to celebrate him being DONE with his undergrad! It was fun to have a nice night just us, and we had so much delicious food!

We've had an amazing December and are sad that the holiday season is going to be over soon! 

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