My Mom Went To College

7:49 PM

We had an awesome weekend celebrating my mom graduating from college! She went back to get her Master's Degree in English and she is such an inspiration! She worked so hard, was published multiple times, and was even offered an assistantship to teach some classes while getting her degree. She's always been a great example of how hard work, dedication, and ambition can result in great things. It's awesome to have a mom who shows us regularly that women can do great things.

We had an amazing weekend with my siblings hanging out, going to lunch, playing games, and celebrating my mom.

Also, Sweet Whimsy Cakes created this GLORIOUS cake that I envisioned and it was delicious and just so beautiful. We included Moby Dick on it because my mom had an entire class on this novel, and our family felt like we basically read it too because of how much we discussed it!

Proud of you mama!

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