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I didn't get a lot of photos of Graham's first Christmas, but I'm weirdly OK with it! I was really present and in the moment with him which I wanted. So I'll just have to write it all down to try and remember it all! 

We spent part of the day with Randy's family on Christmas Eve and Randy even went and saw a movie with his siblings! We had a DELICIOUS dinner that my mom put together with my siblings and it was so good. The little kids did a cute and very short nativity. With Graham as baby Jesus which was so sweet! Then the wisemen brought their treasures and the little Mary and Joseph were WAY more interested in the gold coins hahahaha it killed me!

Graham also met his Great Grandpa Dave which was so fun!

Graham slept like an angel and was SO cute on Christmas morning. He loved all the chaos and tried to open presents but wasn't great at it, he had cousins to help him! He was OBSESSED with all his toys and he got spoiled rotten with some cute clothes, a long ball track, a piano/xylophone, a fun activity center, and tons of books. 

Graham gave his dad matching Jazz shirts to wear for his first Jazz game in February! Randy is SO pumped haha it's adorable. I got lots of cute clothes and amazing Hunter boots that I've been DYING to have. Randy also got lots of clothes to wear at his internship that starts in a few weeks. 

We went over to Randy's parents house and they EQUALLY spoiled us and it was so fun to be all together. We went to see his aunts and uncles and cousins, and Graham was a little tired and cranky, but did pretty good! 

The highlight of the day was that Graham got to meet his uncle Sam! We got to talk to him on his mission for a little bit and Graham was just squealing and laughing he was so excited! It was SO cute to see!

It's been an amazing Christmas and Graham's first one was truly magical. I'm so sad it's over! But so excited for what the next year will have in store for us.

Above all, I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ at this time of year. He is my best friend and I'm so grateful that I have a Savior who was willing to be born, and then die for me.

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