39 Week Bumpdate

1:19 PM

Symptoms: I have HAD it! Hahaha I can tell I'm so irritable and it's not fun! I have had a really great pregnancy, but the past week or two I have just been done! I am paranoid about every little baby movement, I'm annoyed at everyone and everything all the time, walking is getting less and less fun by the minute, and it's just been a struggle! I have absolutely loved being pregnant, but this ending part has been pretty hard on me.
Sleep: Naps are still my best friend, and I wake up super early every morning without wanting to. 
Baby is: Great! I am 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and he is still wiggling. My doctor said he is LOW (haha like our name) and I can feel it! I wish he would listen and just come already, but that's ok haha.
Gender: It's insane to think our baby BOY will be here so soon. No name picked out yet. 
Dad is: Starting his first week of summer semester! It's a stressful time, but he's ready to tackle it and is handling it like a pro already. 
Mom is craving: CARBS. I think my body knows that in a few days we're done with this gestational diabetes diet, and it's starting to want the good stuff! 
Funny things this week: Randy got called to teach a youth class of Sunday School and I'm super jealous! I'm finishing up working and getting everything finalized, Randy started school and we are just cruising! We also get to watch my sister play in her final LAX games which is really fun. Randy is being SO patient with me as I lose my temper and get so annoyed haha, bless him. Everything is ready for our little guy, it's just a waiting game now! 
We get induced on Thursday, so this is my last "official" bumpdate. It's so crazy that the time has come for our little boy to arrive! It feels like this pregnancy has FLOWN by, but also that it has dragged on forever. I'm so ready to meet him. I'm terrified about delivering a baby, recovering, and being a mom to a newborn (and all the things after that too) but I am just so excited to be HIS mom. I am so lucky that I have loved being pregnant for the most part, even with the #diabeetus. We have been so blessed, things have been so fun and wonderful, and I just can't wait for this next chapter.

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