2 Weeks With Graham - Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary

5:29 PM

Graham is officially 2 weeks old and I can't believe it! I feel like time is FLYING by, but the days also feel SO long at the same time!

We said goodbye to cousins and grandparents earlier this week, my brother and his family went home and Randy's parents are off to Japan!

We went to a party to celebrate Andra, the DHS theater teacher. She's leaving after 20 years of being the theater teacher and it was so fun to see so many friends, and celebrate all she did as a director, teacher, mentor, and friend. Randy and I both had the honor of doing shows with her, and it was wonderful to reminisce and see so many wonderful friends.

We also celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday! It's crazy that three years have gone by. We woke up early (or Graham woke us up early!) and opened presents, Randy got me a beautiful throw pillow for our bed that he picked out himself - it goes perfectly with our room and I love it! He also got me a delicious body scrub and shea butter lotion that I'm so excited to pamper myself with. I got him a gift card to Zara so we could go shopping, and a new Rocket Summer shirt.

When Randy got home from school, we were off! We had lunch at Eva's Bakery downtown, one of our very favorites. I was a little worried about getting Graham downtown and to the restaurant, but he was an ANGEL. We ate and had a nice time being together, out of the house. We then were off to the mall to shop - one of our very favorite things to do. We got Randy some AWESOME shirts, and then it was off to take pictures! Amber is an AMAZING photographer, one of my very favorites that we have ever worked with. She's more than our photographer, she's become one of our dear friends and I love getting to work with her, and hang out with her.

We ran into traffic and of course Amber handled everything perfectly so even though we were super late, we still got some great photos and have another shoot scheduled to finish our time! She's a freaking ROCKSTAR and already sent me some sneak peak photos, that I'm absolutely in love with.

We stopped by McDonald's for a super romantic anniversary dinner, then went to Andra's party for the evening. It was fun to visit with friends. Then we were back to McDonald's (classy, right?) for a little treat. We went to a park to chat and reminisce with Graham fast asleep in the back seat. It was really wonderful to hang out. It was a different anniversary for us for sure, now that we have Graham, but it was really awesome to spend our day as our little family of three.

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