Lessons On Love: Humor

8:32 AM

It wasn't until I was dating Randy that I realized how huge humor is when it comes to love and relationships. Finding someone who will make you laugh, who will laugh with you and not at your expense, and who thinks you are funny, is so important.

Randy and I spend most of our nights laughing in bed until we fall asleep. We show each other silly memes and videos, or tell stories that get us giggling like a couple of kids. Learning that laughter can make you love someone even more was a huge lesson for me. It's not something that I really had thought about or realized was valuable.

The biggest thing about love and humor for me, is knowing that Randy doesn't laugh at me. He will tease me, but he knows where the line is.

I learned this during the tail end of my junior year, when some boys stole my keys and said they were going to go drive my car. If you know high school kids, you know that it is NOT a good idea for other people to go around driving your car as a joke. I knew they wouldn't give me back my keys, and they thought it was all a funny joke. It wasn't funny to me.

So Randy being the absolute gentleman he is, went out and stood behind my car so they couldn't leave the parking lot. Then he retrieved my keys and brought them back to me.

We weren't dating, I had no idea that he even liked me, he just knew when to laugh and when to stop.

It's something I admire and adore about him still today.

Be with someone who makes you laugh, who thinks you are funny, and knows where the line is. It will make your life lighter and full of joy.

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