His 22nd Year

1:46 PM

Randy's 22nd year came to a close, and the 23rd year has begun! I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one, he has so many amazing things ahead.

His 22nd year was filled with:

  • Working
  • Going to school (and killing it)
  • Helping friends, family, and our ward constantly
  • Running meetings and teaching lessons
  • Getting even better at every instrument (if that was even possible)
  • Late night laughs
  • Deep discussions
  • Letting me lean on him
  • Leading our family
  • Photo shoots and videography
  • Helping with weddings and funerals
  • Giving blessings
  • Reading lots of books and seeing lots of movies
  • Making dinners
  • Fun vacations
  • Family time
  • And so much love!
So for a celebration of the amazing year ahead, here's 23 things about Randy that I simply adore.

1. How the goofiest and weirdest things make him bust a gut laughing
2. How much he cares about his school work and wants to do well
3. How funny he is when he first wakes up
4. How he researches haircuts so he can get exactly what he wants
5. How much he loves shopping with me
6. How much he cares about our friends, family, and ward members and will drop anything to help them
7. How he grabs my hand when we're in the car
8. The way he obsesses over music and listens to the same notes or guitar riffs over and over again
9. How kind he is to people even when he doesn't want to be
10. How he always compliments my cooking, even when I know it's not the best
11. How he dances at weddings
12. How my friends are also his best friends, and vice versa
13. How supportive he is of all my crazy ideas and ambitions
14. How he snores and doesn't even realize he's been doing it
15. How quickly he picks up any piece of music he wants
16. How our home is always filled with music, either his playing or him listening to music
17. The way he tickles me when I'm teasing him
18. The way he gets excited for "New Music Friday" on Spotify
19. The way he makes me feel better when I'm having a rough day
20. How he always goes along with me about whatever treat or snack I'm dying to have
21. How he always assumes we should get popcorn when we go to the movies
22. How excited he gets about the same TV shows or dramatic happenings as I do
23. I simply adore how much Randy loves me.

Happy birthday to my love!

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