Lessons On Love: Growing Pains

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This post comes from Randy, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

You know when you're laying in bed, and you can't fall asleep because you have growing pain in your legs? You think to yourself, "This is great because I'm going to be taller, but I also just want the pain to stop." That's sometimes what love is like.

For me, this describes what it's like as you're waiting for the right person. You get jealous, you're immature about your love and that can be so hard. There are also times when the person you love seems happier or better off with someone else, and you feel worthless. And it hurts. But it just means that you've got growing pains, and after a while the pain will go away.

As you overcome obstacles and get stronger, you'll realize you've grown taller.

It's always good to grow. You get pushed and you have to pushed through things. Love is a work in progress in that sense.

I now can look back on the heartache and pain of figuring out love with gratitude, because it led me to where I am, how tall I am. That doesn't mean it was easy, and that doesn't mean that it's easy now. It just means that those growing pains were there for a reason, there's a purpose to that pain.

Now I'm married to the greatest person in the world. She's a team player and always believes in me. She supports me and picks me up when I lay on the floor and cry because I feel like a failure. She listens to me even when I don't know what I'm saying. She brightens every day. And every day I spend with her, the more I grow individually. I believe in MYSELF more. I'M happier. In reality, marriage is easy. I get to spend every day with my favorite person in the world. Love isn't perfect, but the small pains that come from being in love is worth it. So in the end it's all good.

Getting taller is tough, but it's worth it once you get that view in the end.

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