Birthday Party[z]

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Someone turned 23 on Saturday, so that meant an entire weekend of PARTYING.

Here's how it went down.

I had arranged to have Randy get off work earlier than normal. He got home, and I was home for lunch from work. I told him I was working from home that afternoon, but I wanted to go get a treat or something. Before he had gotten home from work, I had packed our bags and loaded them in the back of the car. We hopped in and I started driving towards the freeway. He asked where we were going and I said I didn't know, I just wanted to go around and go someplace fun! I said I had heard of a juice place downtown that I had wanted to try, so we should go there. We drove and chatted, then I got off the freeway downtown. I turned down a street, and Randy asked where we were going. I said I had made a wrong turn, then pulled through the Little America parking lot. Suddenly, I parked! Randy asked me what we were doing, and I said "Oh we're staying here tonight." Randy was in SHOCK. He kept asking where is stuff was and how he was packed. We checked in and I told him everything, from how I'd gotten him off work early to packing the car, and he couldn't believe it!

We went to City Creek and did some shopping with Randy's birthday money, and grabbed some dinner. Then it was back to the hotel for swimming and a movie night, complete with treats we'd picked up earlier.

We had breakfast in bed the next morning, and the Little America breakfast is one of my favorites!

We both agreed that this little mini getaway was EXACTLY what we had been needing. Things had been a little stressful and crazy, and spending Randy's birthday surprising him and doing fun things was perfect.

Saturday was Randy's actual birthday and we went to Guitar Center, did some more shopping, went to dinner, and just had a super great day. Randy talked to his brother and got so many texts from friends, which was awesome. Saturday night our friends Caleb and Nannette came over and we blew out candles on brownies.

Sunday was family party day! We went to Randy's parent's house and had an AMAZING lunch, salmon and rice and stuffed mushrooms, the works! We had a delicious berry cake and had a great time chatting and laughing.

Then we went to my parent's house where we had an AMAZING dinner, steak and potatoes and roasted veggies. We blew out candles on three different cakes (angel food and chocolate, what else!) and had a great time.

Monday we woke up and went for a walk with my family, playing games at the park, then went and visited my grandparents. Then it was off to Crown Burger for a great lunch. Randy and I were going, going, going, all day Monday! After lunch with the family, we went and saw Lion which was SO AMAZING. I cried like a baby, it was so sad and tender and wonderful.

Then SURPRISE AGAIN - we met up with friends in Provo and had dinner and went to GetOut Games. Randy was shocked again! It was so fun to get to spend time with our friends, and GetOut Games was SO fun, I would go again in a heartbeat.

I took a few videos throughout the weekend, which I'll be putting together shortly! We also snapped some great photos on an excursion up the canyon last weekend, so I'll be putting those all together soon too.

So in summary, Randy had a great birthday weekend (I hope, I had fun!) I'll be putting up a blog post all about him, some videos from the weekend, and our canyon photos soon! So stay tuned!


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