The Weeks Fly By

8:24 AM

The weeks have been FLYING by. I blink and I haven't blogged in almost 10 days! So much has happened so let's catch up!

Sister Rada is home!!! It was so wonderful to see her after a long 18 months. I have missed my best friend more than I can say, and having her home and texting her and snapchatting her all day has been SO amazing.

We celebrated Randy finishing his finals with some Japanese food! It was good food, but Randy wasn't super impressed with the waitress not really knowing anything about the food she was serving! I had a GIANT squid and it was wonderful

Our office Christmas party was a fancy lunch at the Grand America, so of course the entire marketing department wore ugly sweaters. High class, let me tell ya. I just love my job, my coworkers, and that I work at such a wonderful place!

The fam-bam hit up Soldier Hollow for a great day of tubing and snow ball throwing and fun. It's be so awesome to have Ben and Kim and little Candece here with us for Christmas! My family is wonderful!

We also had family pictures with the amazing Dan Page. He did a fantastic job and I can't wait to share more!!! Also, Randy is kinda amazing:)

Getting all glammed up for pics!

Last night Randy and I dragged Courtney around Salt Lake with us and it was wonderful. We may have decided to go through with an adult adoption so Court can officially be part of our family.

It was pretty much a stellar night.

And to finish off Christmas Adam, this little chick and I took some selfies and discussed the importance of penguin vs. raccoon PJs.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve my friends!

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