Aunt Vicki For Real

4:12 PM


I met my niece!!!

Just three months after she was born, but whatever!

AUNT VICKI FOR THE WIN. She is adorable and amazing and I love her SO much. Randy is SUCH a good uncle already, I think we've pretty much nailed the position of favorite aunt and uncle. Also I'm trying to get my family on board for only calling me Aunt Vicki instead of Maddy, so I'll keep you updated on that. (If you aren't getting the Aunt Vicki reference, click here.)

Also in between hours of studying, I made Randy get all Christmas-y with me and decorate gingerbread men and women! YES I baked them and cut them out, and we decorated them and I happen to love them.

Randy's Sumo one was his favorite of the night.

And lastly, today at work was a small tragedy. We moved around desks, and that means I no longer sit by my BFF and work wife. It was a hard day, so if you could all feel really bad for me I'd appreciate it.

But we will find a way to cope.

Happy Friday everyone, happy weekend, and happy getting ready for finals! (BLECK)

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