Six Months of Marriage + 1 Year Home

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I am always behind on blogging. And this post is INCREDIBLY sappy about Randy. So if that's not your thing, just skip this one.

So sorry my friends.


We hit a semi decent sized landmark the other day. 6 months of marriage!! (HOLY COW)

Time has been FLYING.

Here's a little look at what the last six months have held for us:

The Past Six Months:

Road tripping together
Spending time on the beach
San Diego Zoo
Chopping my hair
Getting settled in our new home
Callings in our ward
Making new friends
Starting a new job and school (for you)
4th of July together for the first time since 2011
Game nights with friends
Fun family fishing trip
Going out to eat
A movie or two
The birth of our niece
A couple concerts
Drives to see the leaves
Some time being sick
General Conference
Date nights with each other, and a few with friends
Cabin weekend
Halloween together
Sleeping in and lazy weekends
Running together
Lots of cooking and eating together
Scripture study and FHE together
Lots of commuting together
Fighting, and making up
Shopping with each other and for each other
Time spent with both of our families and extended families

What I Have Learned About You:
That you snore
How to get you to stop snoring
That you can get HANGRY
That you LOVE meat
That you make really good curry
That you miss Japan
That you love accounting
That you can't talk after you go running
That you will move to a new location while we are running to make sure I'm safe (behind me, ahead of me, on the other side of me)
That you instantly go to your guitar to calm you down
That you need your sleep
That you LOVE lazy weekends
That you ALWAYS have my back
That you love my family
That you are goofy with your brothers
That you like taking care of me when I'm sick
That you aren't good at texting back anybody but me
That you get nervous driving in the canyon
That you cry in more movies than I thought you would
That you hog the blankets
That you sometimes talk in your sleep
That you love when I play with your hair
That you LOVE cuddling
That you squeeze my hand or my arm when you are trying to protect me from crazies on the street

That I love you more than I ever thought could be possible
Randy had flowers sent to my office in honor of the special day. He's the best.

Mr. Low, thank you for making me happier than I ever could have imagined. 

Marriage isn't the end of the fairy tale. Happily ever after involves a lot more dishes, heated discussions, less sleep, more busy-ness, and more hard work than I expected.

But it also involves happy sacrificing, realizing what's important to you, forgiving, time spent on your knees, laughing, and being so in love you can't breathe.

Sorry if this is sappy, but being married to Randy is my dream come true. Six months have flown by and I'm beginning to realize that eternity may just not be long enough.


We hit up the lights on Temple Square this weekend (along with like half of the population of Utah)

And they were amazing. I remember walking around with Randy my boyfriend, and it was so wonderful to look up at the building where we got married, surrounded by lights, and just realize how lucky we are.
Then today we went to the Festival of Trees with my family. It was a blast to hang out with them - my family is so incredible and so close, and I love it more than anything.
I was reminded of a day at the Festival of Trees exactly one year ago.
I was by myself with my family.

I was counting down the days to Randy's return and I only had three left.

At lunch my mom asked me how I was feeling. I told her I was feeling numb - it hadn't hit me yet.

And as a part of the biggest surprise of my life, late that night exactly one year ago, the love of my life walked in the door.

I am so thankful Randy served a mission. He loves the people of Japan, and the things he did there changed lives. I will forever be thankful for the missionary he was, and is, and the person that serving in Japan helped shape him to be.

I will also be forever thankful that I got to be a small piece of his mission. I got to write him, hear the stories, try and help him through the hard times, learn from his growing testimony and share mine. 

As grateful as I am for his mission I'm even more grateful that tonight he's sitting across the room with a goofy smile on his face, watching YouTube videos.

Here's the surprise homecoming video, in case seeing it last year wasn't enough;) 

Happy Saturday all.

Happy 1 year home Elder Low.

Video Password: surprise

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