The Cracker of Nuts

7:07 AM

So I went home this weekend and like a SAP I didn't take ANY pictures.

Yeah, I'm the worst.

But my sister took some pictures thankfully, and I have the stories to go along with them:) YAY.

So Friday, Drew and I jetted to my house to see my sisters perform in The Nutcracker. Yes, it was incredibly sad that I wasn't dancing. But my sisters are both so beautiful, and the show was amazing.

Bethany was a Lady-In-Waiting, and she was so graceful I can't even tell you. She had the perfect facial expression and body language, and was so technically perfect, I can't even explain it! Plus her hair was rocking and her costume made her look incredible. Basically she's the best. Happy last Nutcracker Beth:)

Liv was the Doll, in the Snow Corps, and a Waltz soloist. Basically she owned the show! She is so amazingly talented, I'm not sure that we're really related. She has worked so hard to get where she is and I am so proud of her. She looked beautiful up there on the stage and if she wasn't my sister, I'd probably hate her! LOVE YOU LIV.

This picture describes my sisters perfectly. I love them:)

We went out for ice cream and then went to bed, had breakfast the next morning and said goodbye to my family. I hate saying goodbye to my family every time I leave, but the good news is I get to see them SOON. So happy day:)

Then Drew and I spent the day in Park City. It was SO FUN. We shopped and had lunch at this adorable restaurant called The Eating Establishment, drove through the pretty snow and got back home utterly exhausted. The rest of the weekend was studying and church meetings, boxes of Mac n Cheese and pints of ice cream, so basically it was one of the best weekends ever.

November 23: I am thankful for chocolate. What would I do without it?
November 24: I am thankful for where I go to school. I love BYU with all my heart and seriously I wouldn't be the person I am if I didn't go here. I have met some of my very best friends her and had experiences that will forever shape who I am. Thanks BYU:)
November 25: Today I am thankful for my family traditions. I love the holiday season especially because of the traditions my family does and the fun we have together. From scriptures study to our Christmas Countdown, all of the traditions we have are wonderful.

I post some sweet recipe, but I haven't cooked anything but PF Changs Spring Rolls in the past three days. Sooooo that'll come tomorrow:)

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Than must have been so fun to watch your sister in the ballet! They must be very talented!

    1. Rachel I just took a look at your blog and...I AM HOOKED. So fantastically refreshing. Love it:)


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