Take Me Home

8:08 AM

First off. I just barely published the post I was supposed to do yesterday. Oops....don't judge!

November 6--I am grateful for mugs. There's something so perfect about drinking hot chocolate or milk or water or juice, or really anything, out of a mug. It has a handle for Pete's sake!

November 7--I am grateful for heated leather seats in cars. No my car does not have heated seats, but I think I appreciate them more because I don't have them. Or something like that.

Folks, I'm really happy.

I need to post this song because it is WONDERFUL. It'll make your day more than average for sure.

If you haven't heard of Us, don't fret. I hadn't heard of them until a little while ago. But they are amazing. You will be glad you listened.

Also. I have to work early in the morning. So I went down to my car at 6:45 this morning, and there was a creepy guy in a hood, waiting by my car. Drew didn't have to be at class until like 8 and came down to the freezing garage just to say good morning. He's a keeper:)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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