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So we're changing up the blog a bit. After talking to Steph from Six Sisters Stuff, I realized I needed to make my blog a little more constructive. I'm not sure that I'm really great at any one particular thing, so I want to make this a mash up of all the wonderful things that people like reading.

I am just an average redhead, but I think I have lots of days that a more than average. So I'm going to blog about things that either made my day more than average, or things that could potentially make your day more than average!

Yes this is another re-vamp to the blog, and it probably won't be the last one. But that's ok:)

So let's try this out for a while and see how it goes, eh?

Also, it's November! Last November I did something I was grateful for for every day of the month, and I want to do that again! I know I'm already behind, oops....but let's get to it. Last year I started out with the big things, and this year I want to start out with the smaller things and move up to the bigger ones. This isn't to lay out an order of what's most important to me at all, I just want to save the biggest things for last:)

So. Here we go:)

1: Daylight Savings. Today it was seriously the best thing ever. I watched the clock change from 1:59 to 1:00 and it was awesome! (Mom I was helping a friend, that's why I was still up.)

2: Painted fingernails. Shallow? Yes. But seriously there are few things I love more than having painted nails.

3:  Boots. Ok it's fall, sweaters and boots are a must right now. And I seriously love boots so much! They are wonderful, they keep you warm, etc. etc. It's great:)

So now that you've read all this boring stuff, here's some pictures for my Visual Literacy Photography Project. They were super fun to take:)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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