Day late for Halloween

9:15 AM

So yesterday was Halloween. And it was wonderful! Let me tell you about it:)

So I went to work and school (bleh) and that was all normal. BUT THEN. I got home and we started having fun. We lit a couple dozen tea lights and had them all over the apartment. Ethan played some pretty creepy music. And we cooked. More accurately, Heidi cooked. Guys. This girl is domestic. And crafty. And wonderful. So line up boys, I promise you'll want to wife her.

So Heidi made the following delicious foods. No I don't have pictures of them all because I'm stupid, but seriously it was so good.

--Chips and Queso (Frankenstein's Skin and Ogre Guts)
--Mummy Dogs (Hot dogs with crescent rolls wrapped around to look like mummies. SO cute)
--Monster faces (Biscuits with pizza sauce, mozerella, and pepperoni in a face shape)
--Monster Smiles (Apples, peanut butter, and almonds)
--Witches fingers (Parmesan breadsticks with a food-colored almond for a nail)
--Apple dip, I think we called it Ogre Brains or something (seriously I don't know what's in this, but it's SO amazing)
--Punch (Ginger ale, frozen raspberry lemonade, dry ice. It's to die for)

There were probably other things but I don't remember what they were! The long story short is, Heidi is amazing and is basically a Pinterst goddess. Thanks Heidi:)

Drew and I dressed up in matching jerseys and snapbacks. So basically we were tools for Halloween. Or Drew dressed up like himself...kidding:)

We went to his cousin's house and played with his cousin's baby who was ADORABLE and then we went to my brother's house and hung out with my brother and sister in law, which was great:)

Then it was back to the apartments to watch Wait Until Dark and hang out with the roomies. And Heidi told me about the scary story they watched and I almost started to cry.

I don't usually like Halloween, but this one was fantastic:)

Happy Friday, Happy November, Happy The-Day-After-Halloween.

Happy weekend everyone:)

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