LOVE WEEK - thoughts on all kinds of love

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Valentine's Day has crept up on me.

For the past few years I've done a little series on love and I wasn't going to this year, until someone convinced me I should!

So a few of my amazing friends agreed to write some pieces for a LOVE WEEK leading up to Valentine's Day. I love hearing from other people all about their thoughts on love; any kind of love at all.

As I've been thinking about what to write to kind of kick this off, I've been thinking a lot about all the kinds of love that we see all around us. I think about my relationship with Randy and Graham when I think about love, but I also think about the small things that make my day better.

And then it made sense to me; love is about joy. Things that bring you joy. Love and relationships aren't always joyful and happy and perfect, but love can bring happiness and joy to your life on the hardest days.

I think about the night Randy and I laid in bed, reading ridiculous tweets and memes and laughing our heads off.

I think about hearing Graham laugh and how it can turn my entire day around.

I think about eating chicken nuggets while running through the mall, trying to catch a show.

I think about late night burger and donut runs with friends.

I think about the hardest times in my life, and knowing Randy would always be there.

I think about holding Graham for the first time.

I think about childhood memories with my siblings, playing tea party and in our backyard.

I think about stepping on to the stage to dance, and cold Saturday mornings in the ballet studio.

Love looks different to everyone. And that's part of what makes it so amazing.

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