9:11 AM

This year has been magic and I have SO much to be grateful for.

For the best baby boy in the universe who loves cuddles, laughs, and has the sweetest personality.
For a sweet husband who works hard for our family.
For an amazing job that is flexible and allows me to be with Graham.
For a smooth delivery of our little baby.
For my family and Randy's family who are so good to us.
For our friends who make our life fun and help us still feel cool even though we're old parents now.
For the exciting things that are coming ahead with Randy graduating and his internship.
For Target and fuzzy blankets and good smelling candles.
For chocolate treats and all of Graham's cute little cousins.
For a million hands to help us with moving and babysitting and everything else.
For long walks with G in the stroller.
For Netflix original movies and good books.
For a loving Savior and God who help me when I fall short, which is often.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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