The Best Pieces of Mamahood

6:01 AM

I have to jot down some of my favorite moments or I will only remember being sleep deprived and hungry hahahaha.

  • When G burrows his head in my shoulder
  • When he falls asleep on my chest or in my arms
  • When he's crying and someone hands him to me and he instantly settles down
  • BIG stretches and yawns after naptime
  • The way he scrunches his face when he's tired or lights are too bright
  • Baby smiles while he's sleeping, or when he's awake
  • Little coos that melt my heart
  • The way his eyes get SO BIG when something startles him
  • How his arms FLY up when we unswaddle him
  • How he puts his hands by his face when he's overly tired
  • His fascination with the outside lights or ceiling fan
  • How he recognizes Randy and my voices
  • How he looks like a little old man in the mirror while we're driving in the car
  • How he grabs my shirt when he's overly tired and just wants something to hold on to and sleep
  • His tiny newborn scream
  • How much he hated baths and now how suddenly he loves them
  • How he grabs your hand to help him keep his binky or bottle in his mouth
There are a million more but he's awake, and this is all I have time for today. He's the sweetest baby ever and we are so lucky to have him.

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