Weekend Update

10:39 AM

This weekend was a very fun, Christmasy weekend!

Friday night Randy and I watched Christmas With The Kranks with Grey and Sarrie and had Christmas cookies, we stayed up and talked super late and danced around our apartment, it was a blast!

Saturday we woke up to go do a photoshoot with one of my clients, and I love how the photos turned out! Here's a little sneak peek:

We spent the day in Kaysville doing laundry and letting Randy study (finals week is coming friends!) We then jetted off to Bombay House to have dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend before the MoTab Christmas Concert!

The concert was AMAZING. So many beautiful Christmas songs performed by incredibly talented people. The dancers that came up and down the aisles were wonderful, the stories and the sets were incredible, and the music just took my breath away. There was a piece where three organists played at the same time which I loved, all of it was just amazing. We also were sitting really close to Mitt and Ann Romney, as well as Governor Herbert! It was so awesome to see them both there.

Sunday we had the laziest day ever so Randy could study study study, and I could watch the Holiday Baking Championships and catch up on some reading. All in all, it was an incredibly awesome weekend! But Christmas is COMING SO FAST. We gotta buckle up and get some presents purchased and get a move on!

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