Christmas 2k16

11:39 AM

Christmas 2016 was a dream. So much a dream that I didn't take pictures, of course. Cuz I'm the worst. I have a beautiful camera and was planning on filming the whole thing and whoops. It was out of battery. So I snapped a couple pictures, that's it.

Our Christmas has consisted of:

Seeing Rogue One (which was INCREDIBLE. I love love love loved it.)
Spending SO MUCH time with family and loving it (especially our adorable niece. She's SO cute.)
A bachelorette party for me (woot woot Sarrie!)
Work (blah)
A wonderful Christmas Eve filled with spending time with both of our families, delicious food, opening books (our family Christmas tradition) reading our family Christmas book, and getting an AWESOME game that is a card game OF OUR FAMILY. It was SO AWESOME.
Christmas day started early with the Stocking Exchange and lots of presents and candy, watching Candace open some presents which was SO cute to see! I got spoiled rotten with a KATE SPADE BAG, a new planner, clothes, shoes books, movies, a temple picture, a new bathroom rug, and more!
We then went over to Randy's family and they spoiled us absolutely rotten! We loved eating breakfast and playing, then going to church with them. We spent more time with family and extended family that evening which is a blast.
Seeing La La Land (which was the best movie I have seen all year. No exaggeration.)
Playing so many games!
A crazy fun wedding (Yay Grey and Sarrie!)
Playing in the snow
Seeing the Layton lights with our cute niece
So much love for family and for each other
Remembering Jesus Christ

Christmas is my favorite holiday and it's absolutely wonderful. I love everything about it and think it's just the best time of year. Everyone is so loving and kind, and we get to spend time remembering Jesus Christ and why He came to earth, His life, and His death.

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you had the best time, and I hope the New Year is wonderful!

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