Gearing Up For Christmas

9:33 AM

We've had the most fun getting ready for Christmas! On Monday Randy and I took presents to the little family we had for Sub 4 Santa. It was so much fun to shop for and give presents for a sweet little girl! 

Then we did some pretty awesome stuff with my family, starting with Space Camp. Yes, that's right, my family is totally nerdy.

Basically you go to a location where they hold space camp, you're given jobs and a mission, you walk into the room and there's a bunch of computers and TVs and you learn how to do your job. Then the mission begins, you're basically in Star Trek with a captain and you have to fight bad guys and save the world. It's pretty much amazing. And yes, there were intruders on our ship and we had to use the guns on them. It's basically the best thing ever.

After Space Camp, we went to dinner all together at Smash Burger, which was great. Then it was off to Thanksgiving Point to see Luminaria. It was AMAZING. I would HIGHLY recommend you go see it! So many gorgeous lights, and the best part of all are the gigantic statues of Christ and scenes from His life, all surrounded by candles. It was an experience that really brought the Christmas spirit. 


We also had to take my cute niece Candace to go see Santa. It went well....

I'm so excited for Christmas and I've already loved all the time I have gotten to spend with my amazing family! Happy Holidays everyone!

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