[love day 10] - the love of a hometown and the love of our Heavenly Father

8:05 AM

The last week has been difficult for my hometown. Our high school lost two beautiful girls within just a few days of each other.

I knew Jazmyn fairly well, worked with her, laughed with her, loved her.

I didn't know Sadie very well, she was in one of Randy's seminary classes and I remember passing her through the halls, and seeing her cheer at football games.

It is devestating that they were taken so soon, and my love and prayers go to their families.

I feel so blessed to have even interacted with these girls a handful of times. They were both a light to those around them, and were examples of Jesus Christ.

It's been truly wonderful to watch all different kinds of people from the same small hometown, rally together. Express love, sorrow, concern, and hope.

I can't even express how much I love scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing the many testimonies of the Plan of Salvation, of Jesus Christ, and of eternal families. Through the sorrow, many people reach for Christ and rely on their testimony of Him and His plan. It has strengthened mine to see so many people confident, sure, and thankful for the knowledge they have of where these two sweet girls are.

Love from God is the opportunity to have eternal families, to see our loved ones again, and the chance that we have to have an absolute knowledge of that here in this life. I am 100% positive that there is life after death. I am 100% positive that Jesus Christ perfectly understands the sorrow that death brings, and can help us get through it because of the Atonement. He can help. He can heal.

I'm so grateful for that love from God and Jesus Christ, and the love of a hometown where people are caring, kind, and so willing to share their testimony.

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