A Letter For The Struggling Soul

3:01 PM

Disclaimer *This is a letter to a dear friend of mine who has recently gone through a very tragic loss, and is struggling. And for all the times when our souls struggle.*

Dear You,

Things are hard right now. You've been beaten up, you've been beaten down. You've been pushed, pulled, dropped, dragged, and more. You're done fighting. You just want to give up, give in, and give yourself an out. Sometimes it's easier to sink, sit, stay.

Nobody understands why you're making the choices you're making.

Nobody knows what it feels like.

They don't get it.

They don't, won't, can't, and never, ever will.

You have to make the choices you're making. The good ones and the bad ones. You know better. But you don't really have a choice.

You didn't want to end up here. You weren't supposed to. You had plans, dreams, goals.

You didn't get to choose what brought you here.

Life happened.

And now they judge. And they don't get it.

It's pain of loss. Loneliness. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Despair. Fear.

It eats you up. And you are done fighting it off.

But there is light. There is hope. There is a future. A tomorrow. A perfect ending.

And today, there is someone who understands.Who knows every thought, every shard of your heart, every piece of your struggling soul.

You are in your own personal Hell. Your own dark Gethsemane.

And Jesus Christ walked through that very spot. To save you.

He knows what it looks like, feels like, sounds like. He knows the consuming emptiness and fear.

Jesus Christ can, and will carry you through. He will fix you. He will heal you.

Jesus Christ chose to live, so that He could understand what you are feeling.

He knows that pain. Familiarly. Closely. Perfectly.

He does know how it feels. He's the only one who could. Who can. Who does.

So don't quit. Just reach out. Just ask. Just pray.

You will know, that He knows.


Someone who has had to reach for Jesus too

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