He's Feeling 22

10:08 PM

Happiest of birthdays to my darling Randy.

Today was spent with Randy's favorite things including french toast and bacon for breakfast, new running shoes and dress shoes, running clothes, some movies, and a book with all his mission emails...then we had to work. BUT then after work we went to lunch at Eva's, spent some time wandering City Creek, and spending time with my family, and then an amazing steak dinner with Randy's family! Randy also insisted he didn't want me to make or get him a birthday cake, but instead he wanted birthday macaroons. A man after my own heart there.

Here he is with one of his birthday macaroons, with candles stuck in it. It couldn't stand up on its own, so he had to hold it.

Randy is an absolutely amazing person. I would be totally lost without him and I am so lucky that he was born! And honestly, so is everyone else! Randy is so kind and loving and everyone around him just loves him. 

So for his 22nd birthday, here are 22 wonderful things about Randy that I love and am so grateful for.

1. Randy is so smart. He especially is amazing at math which is something that is SO hard for me to get!
2. Randy has such a strong testimony. He helps me be stronger, and makes our family strong.
3. He has such a kind and loving heart. He's the type of person to stop and help someone on the side of the road when they have a flat tire.
4. He is SO humble. He always blushes and covers his face whenever he gets compliments, and he always wants others to shine more than himself.
5. Randy is so patient with me and with people around him.
6. Randy is SO goofy and funny. He makes me and others laugh REGULARLY and he always has a clever pun or joke ready.
7. He has intelligent opinions and he makes other people think, which I love.
8. The Gospel comes first to him.
9. He is amazing at the guitar, drums, piano, and singing! He is SO musically talented and it melts my heart!
10. Randy is so handsome!
11. Randy makes the people around him want to be better.
12. Randy is SO good to my family, and treats my little sisters like his own little sisters. I just love how much he loves them and how sweet he is to them.
13. Randy is SO wonderful to his own family! 
14. Randy sings in the car and it is SO awesome!
15. Randy is so supportive of people and their dreams. Especially me!
16. Randy is the ultimate story teller. He loves to tell stories and he's good at it!
17. People feel totally comfortable around Randy, he really lets people be themselves! 
18. Randy is such a happy person, he has such a light and people are drawn to his positive attitude.
19. Randy is all about quality time, he makes such an effort to make time for the people that matter to him.
20. Randy is an incredibly hard worker. He dedicates time and effort to excel at work and at school and at our marriage. 
21. Randy is so loyal. He always stands up for people and things that he cares about, and he is always completely loyal to me and our marriage. 
22. Randy makes me feel so loved, and he makes the people around him feel so special and important. It's something that I truly adore about him.

Happy birthday my love! I hope 22 is the best year yet:) #idontknowaboutyou #feeling22 #breakfastatmidnight #dressuplikehipsters #makefunofourexes 

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