let's play a game...

3:21 PM

Let's play a quick game of catch up!

Since I last blogged we have:

worked, and gone to school and worked and gone to school and worked.

gone to a Jazz game with AMAZING seats thanks to my work! we saw lots of friends and ate Cupbop (Randy was on cloud nine) and had really interesting drunk cowboys to deal with and the Jazz WON. So it was a truly wonderful night.

we had Japanese food night where we made sushi (SO FUN) and ramen and had to call Randy's mom for some sushi rolling tips.

we also went to Gardner Village which, let me tell you, was quite the adventure. lots of witches and not a lot of breathing room. still a really fun night!

we also played volleyball with a bunch of friends which was really fun.

and then we went to ihop wayyyy to late at night and had a blast and a half there.

i also taught Sunday School again and the class LOVES Randy. I don't even need to show up hahaha.

and I also had a sick day. i couldn't sleep much sunday night, woke up monday with a horrrrrible fever, and spent the day working from my bed. i was surprised how much i liked working from home; i got a lot of stuff done while just chilling in my PJs and watching the TV in the background.

so, things are just great, we are so stoked for Halloween and our 5 month of marriage anniversary.

life is good for the lows.

happy wednesday everyone!

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  1. Mmmm, any asian food has my heart! Pancakes too. Hehe.

    - Harlynn (A fellow red head)

    1. Love your blog! Super cute, love meeting fellow redheads:)


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