Wedding Part 3

10:54 AM

After our luncheon, we had about an hour so Randy and I ran back to our apartment because he forgot to pack shoes for our honeymoon! (silly Randy) and then headed right back to the Wight House for pictures! Aubree and Matt and Elisha and Todd spent a good two hours getting all kinds of pictures of bridesmaids, groomsmen, families, and more. It was SO fun to be all dolled up and getting our pictures taken. 

Things were getting set up and there were a few mishaps here and there (one with a bird cage instead of a mailbox that I'm still a little upset about. Ok it's fine.)

We were giving back massages and goofing around with our bridesmaids and groomsmen while we waited for people to arrive. It was so fun to hang out with all our closest friends and family! 

We had part of our reception inside, and part on the roof. All of it was SO beautiful and so fun. People started arriving, and Randy and I stood in line for a good 2 1/2 hours greeting people and saying hello to everyone! We got to see so many of our friends and neighbors and family and it was just so much fun. It was also HOT. I was dying. Luckily there was a floor vent that I stood over for 90% of the reception so that made things a little better haha! Randy and I were so busy saying hello, neither of us even ate a bite of our food! We laughed about it later, it was all too funny. 

Then Spencer announced that it was time for the cake, so we went to cut it! I had warned Randy a million times that if he tried to smash the cake in my face I would kill him, so he politely fed me mine while I smashed his piece in his face! (Funny thing about the cake, later after we left my mom went to ask for the top tier for us to freeze. The waiting staff told her that nobody had asked them to save the top, so they had served most of it! I was SO shocked and a little upset when I found out, but hey life goes on!) 

It was the most surreal thing cutting our cake, having our first dance to La Vie En Rose and then dancing with my dad to Butterfly Kisses. In like the seventh grade, I told my dad that we would dance to Butterfly Kisses at my wedding and he always teased me about it, but low and behold it happened and it was such an amazing memory. One that I will never forget.

We then started JAMMING and dancing and having so much fun, and it was so awesome that so many of our friends were there to make the dancing awesome. Rachel and I threw down to Wop which was SO fun and was such a perfect memory. I then tossed the bouquet and my darling friend Heidi caught it, which was so fun. I then rushed off to change out of my dress (we didn't want to bring it on our honeymoon with us) and then everyone was ushered outside to the sparklers! Randy and I said goodbye to our families, and then headed out! We hopped into our adorably decorated car, and off to married life! 

We stopped about two minutes down the road for some McDonalds and we were blasting music, just saying to each other over and over, "Hey, we're married!! THIS IS CRAZY!" 

Our wedding was the most wonderful day of our lives, not just because it was our wedding day and we got to dress up and spend time with family and friends, but because it was the day that we became a family, sealed together FOREVER. Nothing beats that. 


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