rough edges and rainbows

4:44 PM

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just seem to have rough edges?

That was last week for me.

So many issues at work that left me frustrated and exhausted, spilling into evenings of being mad at myself because my house wasn't clean enough and dinner wasn't done on time and a million other things.

And then, this.

This beautiful, end to end, bright, almost double rainbow. I wanted to drive to the end of it, to stand in the rainbow and enjoy, to soak in all that color and life.

But the point is this; rainbows come. There is a scientific reason there is rain and a scientific reason there is a rainbow.

Similarly the hard, rough edges come. And so does the smooth sailing. All for a reason.

It's a lesson that we've heard a million and one times, and it's one that's sometimes hard to remember. But it's important and vital for our growth.

I am so incredibly grateful for a God in Heaven who loves me enough to send the rain and the rainbows, the rough edges and the smooth sailing. Because he knows exactly what I need, and when I need it.

And if you ask me, that's pretty something.

Still to come this week: the weekend in review (AKA BRAD PAISLEY), wedding part 3, the love story (I promise it's almost done, Randy is just adding his words still!), the apartment decorations (I know, five months later. So sue me.) and more!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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