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Well kids, school has started. What happened?? I swear two minutes ago Randy and I were getting married and off to celebrate the first week of June in San Diego. Now, the whole summer is over. But it's been an incredible summer, that's for sure.
We decided to end summer with a bang and go paddle boarding at Utah Lake. Good things - we had never been paddle-boarding before and we loved it! It was so fun and easy, and very relaxing. We played Frisbee on the beach and read, it was all very summery. Bad things - Utah Lake is NASTY. The algae, the dead fish, --shudder--. But all in all it was fantastic and fun.

Sunday we headed to Kaysville to celebrate this beautiful sister of mine's birthday! More on that to come.

Then this handsome husband of mine started classes! He's so excited and we can already tell it's going to be a great year. It was the first time that I hadn't been off to school in 16 years. Let me tell you, that's a really crazy feeling. It's weird to see all my friends posting about their first day of school, their classes and books, and I went in to work like I have for the past five months. It's good but hard to be done with things sometimes. I didn't think I would miss school, but I do in some ways. Then in other ways I don't miss it at all.

Randy and I spent Sunday night in Provo to celebrate my darling friend Lauren's birthday. It was fun to catch up with people that I haven't seen for a while. We have friends coming home from missions, and since we are in Salt Lake and everyone else is in Provo, it's nice to get together and see everyone. Marriage has completely opened my eyes about friendship, and that's a really good thing. I've learned there's a really fine line between missing something, and wishing you could go back.

Anyway enough philosophical stuff. It's this cutie's birthday today!!! Bethany is an absolutely amazing and wonderful person, and I learn so much from her every single day. Our family is so lucky to have her as the baby (even though I'm much more of a baby than she is) and 15 looks great on her! XOXO B!

Happy back to school all you wonderful friends - and happy birthday to my beautiful sister - and happy Tuesday everyone!

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