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My lil' sis is off at BYU having the time of her life in college. And as I scroll through my social media pages and see so many people off at school, it's got me thinking. What do I wish I would've known going in to school, what do I wish I could've done differently?

So here you go!

I wish I would've spent more time with my girlfriends. I have amazing girls that became my best friends in college. But unfortunately, a lot of our time was spent hanging out with boys or blowing each other off for boys, and looking back I wish I would've made more time for those lovely ladies. Except for the guy you marry, most of those guy friends don't stick around. The girlfriends do!

I wish I would've listened closer in class. There were some classes that I completely zoned out in! I was Pinning, Facebooking, etc. when I should've been listening. Some classes are a snore, but if I had spent more time participating and actually listening, I would've gotten more out of it. I miss going to class now and learning, it's something I definitely took for granted while I was in school.

I wish I would've been more involved in my last ward. My first and second year, I was super involved in my ward, and it was awesome! Especially at BYU, your ward becomes your family. My last year I went in a little prejudiced and I think it hurt me. Go into each new apartment, ward, etc. with the attitude that it will be great and that you're going to get involved.

I wish I would've gotten closer to more professors. I had several professors that I absolutely loved, and I wish I would've taken better advantage of their office hours and desire to help people personally. I would've gotten more from my classes, and had more professors in my corner as I moved on after college.

I wish I would've taken more advantage of University events. There are SO MANY amazing things you can do on campus, from sports events to art events to dance and music events, the list goes on and on. I DID NOT take full advantage of all these fun things while I was at school, and now I'm totally kicking myself. I don't know when I'll get to go to a college volleyball game or a production of Hamlet again. Go do all those awesome things while you can! Don't think you're too cool, or too busy. Make time, and get out there!

I wish I would've saved more money. I know, on a college budget can you even really save much? Probably not a ton, but I could've saved more and boy do I wish I had. Getting married and starting out in my job was EXPENSIVE, and I wish I would've saved a little more of that money for a rainy day.

I wish I would've known it's ok to do things alone, that friends aren't always permanent fixtures in our lives, that being sad and homesick is not only normal, but perfectly acceptable, that eating Top Ramen at 1 AM can make you feel better, that cooking for one is harder than you expect, that when you buy a bag of spinach you have to eat the WHOLE thing in about a week, that nobody will judge you for eating brownie batter for breakfast, that it's ok to sleep in until 9:30 before your 10:00 class, that having a job doesn't mean you have more money, that you shouldn't take people around you for granted, especially your family, that you don't have to apologize for the things you like and dislike, that doing the reading is really important, and that getting good grades is possible if you work hard.

I wish I would've appreciated my time in college more. People are so antsy to get out, to not have to go to class, and while I really love not being in college, it's a time in your life that you never, ever get back. So enjoy it while you're there!!!!

So to my dear sister and all the other college students out there, learn from my mistakes. And let me know what other tips you have!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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