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9:50 AM

Boy, do I love my family.

Earlier this week we gathered in Salt Lake to have one last HUZZAH dinner at the Roof before my brother and sister-in-law move to Boston to take on Harvard Law.

Um HELLO gorgeous. No filter needed on the temple my friends.

Awww just a boy and his mother...too cute.

We needed a picture, so we thought "ask the missionaries, they can help you!" Yeah...they don't take the best pictures. But we're having fun, can't you tell!

Friends I have one crazy week coming up. Working, internship, moving out of my apartment and cleaning it, having nowhere to put my stuff for six days, going to Boston, saying bye to Ben and Kim, moving into my new apartment, more work and more internship, plus a day to celebrate Randy Low. HOLY COW. I'll get it all done, right?

The more important thing is, I have one incredible family who are so supportive. Lately I've been going and doing some news stories on schools, and seeing kids whose parents don't care, or aren't around, breaks my heart. I'm sure lucky. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. How awesome!! Sounds like you have a great family :)


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