3 years later

8:21 AM

I'm getting a little tired of telling the Randy/Maddy story without Randy. For those of you who have had the pleasure of hearing Randy and I tell the story together, you'll agree I just can't do it justice alone.

So I'm not even going to attempt. If you want to know what happened that fateful day, click here

Instead, here are a few things...

Randy puts his hands over his eyes when he's excited.
He hates contention.
He pops my thumbs when he holds my hand.
He's not afraid of emotions.
He loves shopping almost as much as I do.
He pulls the cart behind him in the grocery store instead of pushing it like normal people.
He tries to be a ballerina.
He never fails to say "the Church is so true!" in every, single letter.
He has more compassion in his pinky than some people do in their whole body.
He loves to sing in the car.
When he's tired, he makes syrup bottles talk to each other. 
He loves playing the guitar and piano more than just about anything.
He always has one Nilla wafer in his bowl of frozen yogurt.
In all his letters and emails, he promises to make me proud. And he does.
He loves playing all my silly games with me.
He brings me flowers when I'm sick.
He celebrates the little things with me.
He also celebrates the big things with me.
He can read me like a book, and knows exactly what to say and do to make me smile.
He dances in parking lots with me.
Every bone in his body is sentimental.
He lets me stand on his feet to be taller.
He writes me songs.
He pops my back for me.
He rarely gets mad.
He hates disappointing people.
He loves going to the temple.
He holds his own in board and card games.
He talks like a little kid to get what he wants.
He uses words like "childish, ashamed, and foolish" on a regular basis.
He hates stereotypes.
He loves leaving voicemails.
He's a fan of Chili's runs and Olive Garden date nights
He's the best missionary in the whole wide world.
He's also my very best friend and
I'm 100% crazy about him.

3 years ago I decided to take a chance, and it was the best decision I could've made.

Happy 3 years Randy Kazuhiro Low. See you in roughly 4 months.

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  1. I just found your blog and I have to say I love it! I've got a missionary of my own currently. Man is the waiting hard. But I'm so glad yours has gone so well! Consider me a new follower :)


  2. 4 months? 4 months will go by so fast :) i have 6 weeks left!


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