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My family and I just got back from an amazing trip to Boston to drop off my brother and sister-in-law at Harvard for law school. I've been to Boston before, but I don't remember much about it. Can I just say, I'm obsessed with this amazing city!

One of the first things we did was go to Bunker Hill where Liv and I climbed to the top of the monument. Can you say GORGEOUS!? Beth broke her foot just the day before they left, so she was wheelchair/crutch bound for the trip. She took it like a champ though! 

The "Hahvahd" tour was incredible! So funny and so awesome to learn about Harvard. This is the second most photographed statue in the United States!

 The Boston Museum of Fine Art was AMAZING. I could've spent days, even weeks exploring it. It had some of my favorite paintings and some of my favorite artists and it was incredible!

My sisters and I LOVE Degas, so seeing The Little Dancer was incredible! I loved seeing paintings that I've studied in high school and college.
Also. Pollock. Wow. 

Awwww aren't they awesome! 

Seeing the Orchard House that Louisa May Alcott lived in was amazing. My family loves "Little Women" so seeing the inspiration behind it was incredible! 

I also loved going to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to see the graves of some of my favorite authors

Walden Pond was probably my favorite place on this trip. It's incredible!
Pose with a Thoreau statue!

The house site, so tiny!
And we ended the trip with a wonderful trip to the temple. I love my family, and I loved this time we got to spend together!

Also included on this trip: walking up to the wrong car several times, LOTS of amazing seafood and clam chowder, the best blueberry pie imaginable, trying to figure out where we were, Lexington and Concord visits, the Freedom Trail, the most amazing Italian food ever, game night, struggling to find parking, a sweet dance group on the street, lots of churches and cemeteries, lots of history, too much laughter and a lot of fun! 

It was a great trip but I'm glad to be home, setting up my new apartment and welcoming Hailee Jane Henson home from her mission! But more on that tomorrow:)

Happy Friday everyone!

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