You've had a birthday shout HOORAY

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This weekend was jam-packed with fun! I spent Friday and Saturday with my family at home, celebrating my mom and dad's birthdays!

They are too cute:) 

We had cake and presents, played games and laughed. On Saturday we went out to breakfast and then went to Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City! Talk about BEAUTIFUL! We then had lunch at the Pizzeria Limone, and let me tell you friends, that place is delightful. It's more artisan pizza than your good ol' pepperoni and sausage, but it's delicious!! I would highly recommend it.

My sisters are the cutest:) LOVE YOU GIRLS

So happy birthday to the best parents anybody could ever ask for. I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have the parents that I have. I sure am lucky!

Surprise number 2--my brother is going to Harvard Law School!!! He and his cute wife were deciding between Harvard and Chicago, and after visiting Boston, they knew Harvard was the place for them. It's bittersweet, I'm going to miss them so much for the next few years, but I couldn't be more excited for them and the adventures they are going to have. Congrats Ben and Kim!

When I got back to Provo it was time for Heidi Belle's birthday surprise! Texas Roadhouse, shopping, ditching her with her mom, and then having her come home to a huge surprise party...all of it was awesome! Basically I love my friends and I am so lucky!

I've been bad at regularly blogging...I'm sorry friends! Life is busy, but so very good!

ALSO: Countdown to Disneyland--9 DAYS!!! AHHHHH:)

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  1. Congratulations to your brother! And your parents have the same birthday! That's amazing! I like the picture of your sisters! Finally, you're going to Disneyland! Gotta admit I'm jealous!

    Joely xxx
    basically bonjour


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