Happy News

12:45 PM

So dear friends, today is a great day.

I recently got put on the Matt Townsend Show here at BYU Radio! (if you'd like to listen, it's from 3-5 on Sirius XM 143 or byuradio.org.) Matt is awesome and I am loving working with him! (http://matttownsend.com/)

I also had the AWESOME opportunity yesterday to meet MEG CONLEY from Meg in Progress (http://www.meginprogress.com/). Oh boy is she a gem.

I love this job more than I can even explain! I have gotten to do some fascinating, fun, in depth, and wonderful interviews through BYU Radio and I am loving every second of it:)

This gem got me a FREE T-SHIRT from the Lovecapades. They basically ROCK. Also Caleb Blood played his last Velour show the other night. Check both these awesome bands out. They are wonderful!

Also the lovely LINDSEY ALLISON BILLS gets married on Saturday! Oh my heavens where did the time go! Don't worry, I'll be posting "What to do when your roommate is getting married" soon. I promise:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Congrats!! I am loving your blog :) I jumped over here from Words as Palindromes :)



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