Be Married

1:49 PM

Friends. She's married! Lindsey Allison Bills is now Lindsey Allison CLARK! Crazy right!

Hooray for little team Clark!

Saturday was a wonderful day full of eating, laughing, crying, celebrating, and lots of love.

We took a million pictures outside of the Mount Timpanogos Temple, had a delicious luncheon filled with advice and jokes, and a BEAUTIFUL reception! I can't even tell you how pretty everything was!

If you need some cute Pinterest worthy wedding ideas, look no further! Here they are!

Don't know what I would do without all these wonderful friends in my life!

Congrats Lindsey and Ethan! Love you both so much and I am so happy you get to start your lives together:) 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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  1. Stunning photos!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Nancy! I'm loving Neatly-Packaged! Too cute!


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