When I am abandoned I eat Panda and ice cream

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November 8--I am so grateful for Edna, my car. I miss Jasmine, my old 1994 Nissan Altima, but I love my Corolla like nobody's business. I am also grateful for my awesome parents and grandparents who made it possible for me to have her. I love you Edna!

November 9--Vacuumed floors. I can't explain it, but there's something so magical about a floor that's be thoroughly vacuumed. It's so wonderful. I guess you could say I'm grateful I grew up in a spotless house and learned how to clean (thanks Mom!) but yeah. Floors that have a vacuum run over them are the quickest way to my heart.

This is what's been up:

DI with this guy....always a pleasure.

Old roomies reunite!! Only half of us still live in this country...so that's fun. 

When Drew leaves me for Vegas...I party too hard and eat ice cream for breakfast. 

Can I share some thoughts?

Happiness is a choice. I'm sure I've posted something similar to this and it's probably totally redundant. But it needs to be said. Last night there was gut-splitting laughter and rolling on the floor in this apartment. We are all stressed out of our minds. I feel inadequate to everything I'm supposed to be doing. But it's ok. Because in the end everything works out. And even if I fail at all the things I'm supposed to do, the sunrise was still beautiful this morning. The fall leaves are still picturesque. There are still sweaters to wear. Hot chocolate that needs to be made and drunk. There are still scriptures to be read and cried over, and little kids running up and down the stairs to laugh with. So even though things are hard, they are still so good. 

I think that's why I love November. It's such a perfect time to remember that there are a million little things, and a million big things, that I have to be grateful for. The rest doesn't matter.

Happy Saturday everyone:)

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