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Folks, my roommate got engaged. Isn't it wonderful?? Lindsay and Ethan are ADORABLE together and I am just so happy for them:) All her roomies and their families and friends went to this beautiful park right by the temple in American Fork and Ethan came up, and we all started singing happy birthday (it was midnight and Lindsay's birthday. It makes sense) and then he said he wanted to give her the first birthday present. AND HE GOT DOWN AND BANG. Cuties. We then proceeded to get donuts and Martinelli's and stay up far too late screaming and laughing with her that night. Happy birthday future Mrs. Clark:)

These are my ""Rules of Engagement" (I can be clever;))

1. Ask my dad for permission
2. Use my full name
3. Lead up to it with some solid mush about how much you love me
4. One knee (duh)
5. Make sure my nails are done!
6. Secret photographer is a MUST
7. Make sure we look cute and I'm not in sweats or something
8. If you can surprise me, bonus points!

Maybe I'm too picky? Maybe when it's actually close to happening I won't care so much. But for the time being.....yeah:)

This weekend also consisted in me actually being productive and getting stuff done, country dancing, movie nights, and shopping. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

November 10--Today I am grateful for modern medicine. It's such a blessing for me to know that whatever is going on, there are people who are qualified and working to provide help. It's truly a miracle how far we've come.

Look at this sunset. WOW. 

Also Drew is home from Vegas:) But more on that later! 

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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  1. Awh, how sweet! Lovely post! :)


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