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But on the real. I made it to Friday. Which means I am officially two classes away from the weekend. From going HOME and seeing my BEAUTIFUL sisters dance in The Nutcracker.

I have a lot of thankfulness to catch up on.

November 18: I am thankful for my roomies. Seriously they ROCK. Love them so much
November 19: I am thankful for my friends who aren't my roommates. My roommates are my friends but I'm also thankful for the friends I don't live with...if you're picking up what I'm throwin down. Basically every single person in my life is the best and I don't know what I would do without them.
November 20: I am thankful for the boy who brings me flowers and Pinwheel cookies and takes me to get thai chicken pizza from Slab, who comes and helps out with everything for Student Alumni, takes me on scooter rides, and never fails to make me feel so important and special. I'm so lucky!
November 21: I am thankful for the chance I had to dance. Nutcracker opening night was yesterday and I miss it more than anything. But I am so thankful that I had the opportunities to learn and perform and LOVE every second of it. To the three pairs of toe shoes hanging in my room, don't worry. We'll head back over to the RB studio and dance soon.
November 22: I am so thankful for my extended family. They are out of this world amazing and I am so lucky to have such great memories with all of them. Sometimes family gatherings are crazy, but I wouldn't change a second of it. I'm SO excited to see them all in less than a week:)

So wherever you live, there will be a ballet studio or company putting on The Nutcracker. Go see it, for me. There is no better way to get into the holiday mood, I promise.

Also I have a Week of Gratitude Challenge for you all:)

Week of Gratitude:

November 22—Only say prayers of thanks today.

November 23—Write a thank-you note to a family member who you

are thankful for.

November 24—Do something for your roommates to show them your


November 25—Make a list of all the little things you’re thankful for.

November 26—Show the girls you visit teach how thankful you are for


November 27—Show gratitude for who Heavenly Father made you by

not talking badly about yourself today.

November 28—End the Week of Gratitude by writing down your

thoughts, testimony, appreciation, in your journal and be sure to say a

prayer of thanks!

Try it out, it might change your whole week.

Happy Friday everyone:)

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