Musical Friday

10:50 AM

I have no idea why, but music lately. AM I RIGHT? I love music all the time. But lately it's been....even more? I can't explain it. Just listen to some of my favorites and enjoy. I'm sure you've all heard every single one of these. BUT LISTEN. I promise you'll be glad you did:)

Ghost by Parachute. It's my favorite band and this song is incredible.

She by Parachute. I just want someone to write a song for me like this.

Falling In by Lifehouse. Don't be scared it's only love, baby that we're falling in. GAH.

I can't even say anything about this song. Tara I'm Terrible by The Rocket Summer.

Basket Case by Sara Bareilles. She's brilliant. That's all.

I just want to drown in music today. Any other good ideas for me to listen to instead of putting these on repeat, that'd be cool.

Happy Friday everyone:)

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  1. Did I ever tell you that I saw Parachute in concert????? THey were amazing!

  2. Ahhh! I saw parachute when they were in Salt Lake! All the other music is great too!


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