Homecoming, I'm comin, my sweet escape

6:31 PM

Folks the days keep escaping me. I have been busy busy busy and I need to find time to blog! SO this post is late, but please forgive me.

This is what's been up:)

My gorgeous sister went to her first high school dance:) Sorry but I have to brag...is she not beautiful! She and Ben had a great time:)

I finally got to be at home and celebrate my birthday! The weekend was full of Tucanos and football and one of my FAVORITE meals. Cod, rice pilaf, green beans, and Red Lobster biscuits. Does it get better than that??

Ice cream cake roll for the millionth birthday in a row. It's my favorite. Sue me.

Then I got to spend part of the week with this kid while he got surgery. And he'll probably kill me for putting this picture up.....oh well!

Soooo that was LAST weekend. Can't wait to see what this weekend holds!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Tucanos is the best restaurant ever! And could you get any more adorable??? Love all of this.


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