Cocoa beans and the start to my life

9:13 PM

Folks, today was good.

 I started my new job at BYU Radio as a student producer and I LOVE IT.

I got into my major. I am officially in the journalism program at BYU. You could say I'm a little happy.

I made chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. Domestic of me, eh?

I went and got cupcakes and hot chocolate with the most awesome Relief Society Presidency ever.

And tomorrow begins the weekend. I am as busy as I can possibly be, but things are still so good. 

Happy Thursday everyone! And happy 9 months down to my very favorite missionary. 9 months!?!?! When did that happen?? But yay:)

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  1. So, um, I love the Cocoa Bean. A lot.
    And congrats on getting into your major! :)

    1. Thank you so much! And the Coca Bean is to die for!!!!


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