We Are the Kings of Campus

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I know Cade isn't technically leaving on his mission for a month, but since he moved out of BYU and back home to Morgan, I have to do his tribute now. It's an ethical thing, or something. Whatever:)

So here's a shout-out to the end of an era. The Robed Five and the Fat Five were really the kings of campus (in our minds that is...) and it's sad to see the end of it. We've become such close friends over the course of a few months, and I honestly am so grateful for all of the memories and more importantly, the people, that I've had the pleasure of spending time with. Especially you Cade. Cade is one of those people who is smart and witty and probably knows everything, but you would never know that because he's very humble about it. Cade genuinely cares about people and always, always "has my back." Cade has all these hidden talents including mixing/making music, helping run two anti-pornography programs, and knowing literally every single fact about Star Wars. I thought I was obsessed. Not. Even. Close. Cade is generous beyond belief, paying for us girls, and sometimes the guys, on numerous occasions. Cade is super smart and is always willing to help the rest of us get a little smarter. Cade doesn't care what people think (hence him going around in a robe 99% of the time) and is always himself in every situation. The most important thing about Cade though is his testimony. That is what is going to make him an amazing missionary to the people in Chile for the next two years. And I can guarantee you that boy will change lives. So here's to Cade, and to the end of an era. I'm going to miss long car rides with your music, Star Wars nights, fried chicken and other dinners, of course the robe, you calling me freaking out about what cute thing to do for that one chick (hahaha...;)) and a million other things. So Cade, thanks for being one of my very best friends. I'm going to miss you. Now, and even more when you actually leave on your mission.

This is Cade. Totally in his element in every picture. Love you Cade!!!!

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