News March 27

7:37 AM

New York Times Headline: Justices Weigh Law Denying U.S. Benefits to Gay Spouses

This story is about the second day of Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage. While yesterday's case was about the legality of gay marriage and California's proposition 8, today's case is more about the Defense of Marriage Act and the federal benefits for gay couples.

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New York Times Headline: Firm Is Accused of Sending Spam, and Fight Jams Internet

Your internet may not be working as well as normal, and Netflix and other major services may be down. This is due to a Dutch company that is reportedly spamming the Internet, and other major companies who are now all involved in an Internet fistfight. Internet engineers are hoping the problems get resolved soon so customers can have everything back to normal.

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Those are your major headlines for today! Enjoy!

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