Best Friends

1:30 AM

I was sitting around tonight, unsure of what to blog about, when my best friends demanded I blog about them. So I'm sure you're going to be sick of hearing about them, but here it goes.

Right now we are sitting on two mattresses laying on the couch and chairs making a huge bed. Sleepover? Every weekend? Yes please. So here's a shout-out to the girls who have helped me get through the past week and a half, and the first semester of college. And will get me through the rest of college. To Rachel who always helps me look pretty, always tells me it's ok to cry, always makes sure I know where the party is, and always makes me feel like she needs me. To Sarah who tries to care even when it's hard for her, who always calms me down, who always helps me see the big picture, and who cares about how I feel more than anything. To Alli who lets me cry to her, who always wants the very best for me, who is always so sweet and loyal, who helps put things in perspective for me, and who is my little guardian angel. To Lauren who really loves to listen to me, who helps me not care what others think, who reminds me how lucky I am, and who understands and lets me know. To Kathryn who is the best mother ever, who always checks on how I'm doing, who makes sassy jokes at me, and who loves to make me happy.

There are so many other friends that I should write about, but it's really early and I'm very tired.

Lastly, Elder Low is doing great! He is loving the MTC and has thrown himself in to the Gospel wholeheartedly. If anyone reading this would like to send me a Facebook message so I can send him a big package on his birthday full of friendly letters, that would be great! More updates to come!

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