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Today I want to give a shout out to two of my best friends who have had either a birthday recently (as in June 29) or TODAY (as in July 17.) So. Here it goes!

Happy birthday Em! Emi is such a sweet girl and I am so glad I got to be friends with her in junior high a bit and in high school a lot. She loves having fun and she's always herself no matter what. She doesn't like to show emotion but she always does little things to let others know she cares about them. She listens to problems and tries her best to help. Emi is a wonderful person and she's going to kill it at college, and I'm going to miss her. A lot. Love you dear. Happy 18th!

Happy birthday Ash!! Ash and I have had our ups and downs and because we're so similar, we fight a lot. But I love this girl to death. Ash does her own thing and often does things because people think she can't. So she proves them wrong. She loves having fun but knows exactly when to be serious. She is so caring to her friends and always tries to patch things up in a fight. Ash is amazing and I know she'll be married within a matter of weeks of being at college ;) But really, any guy would be lucky to have her. Love you girl :)

So those are my shout outs.

On a seperate note.

I hate it when people think they know my business. You don't. Back off. Stop spreading rumors that you don't know the whole story behind and stop trying to get my boyfriend because you think he's a poor little victim. This isn't directed at any reader of this blog...but still. It needed to be vented out :)

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