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Lately lots of spiritual things have been going on. Which is awesome. Every time I get to hear those cute Primary kids sing I just melt inside, I'm on track to finish the Book of Mormon before I go off to school (which I am NOT thinking about,) I've been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot and trying to figure out how it applies to my life and such, and then randomly someone will message me saying they had a prompting to tell me they love me and a million other things that were literally an answer to prayer.

So to go along with the whole spirtual prompting theme of this post, I'm going to follow a prompting of my own. I think this is more for me than anything else, so you really don't need to keep reading.

I just know that the church is true. Without a doubt. It is the best part of my life and the only thing in my life that is perfect. I mess up and I am so glad to know that I can fix things because of my Savior. I've had to fix lots of things and I'm sure I will for the rest of my life, but nothing that I've done can't be undone. And that's a miracle in and of itself. Things have been changing a lot this summer, and I am slowly figuring out why. And now I'm sure that there is a plan and my job is to trust and do what I'm supposed to do, and trust some more.

Sorry to get all churchy up in here. But seeing as this blog is basically my journal, I think the two readers will forgive me :) Anyway...

On a side note I have a small story to share that tickled my heart.

One time I was at Cherry Hill (shocker) and these kids came and bought passes. The one kid looked about 15/16 and the others looked about 12, which was odd. So they bought passes and then I was running around doing all this crazy stuff, when I hear this kid shout "Hey!" I looked over and saw his...bright plaid swimsuit and mullet and then his face which was giving me the cool "hey" face that guys think is cute. Then he flexed his muscle like a moron and said "Like that?" I almost peed my pants laughing as I smiled awkwardly and walked away, just before splitting my gut with laughter. Needless to job is ok I guess :)

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