Finally starting to feel like summer

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So it's finally starting to feel like summer. Not that my three week vacation wasn't summer, but it was a crazy, go go go every second, see too many things to remember kind of summer. And  I would go back in a heart beat. But there are some things at home that I missed and I wouldn't trade them for anything. The things that are making this summer seem real.

Sitting around my house, reading and watching TV. I missed it. Weird right?
Cherry Hill. We have a love-hate relationship. But messing around on Sys Manager, cheese fries, going crazy in Grants Gulch, smelling like chlorine, making arts and crafts projects, talking about every detail of our lives and hearing the same songs for twelve hours, it IS summer to me
My friends. We just spent a weekend in Park City (more accurately THEY spent a weekend while I spent a day because of the aforementioned Cherry Hill.) Running around shopping and throwing grapes and eating pizza and being in that crazy condo full of was a great get away for all of us.
Randy. Basically I missed this boy so much. Driving around and talking about nothing, hiking up to see the sunset, fighting about the stupidest things, having him come to the aforementioned Cherry Hill, having him help me pick out a super cute outfit at the aforementioned Park City (I'm liking the word aforementioned if you couldn't tell....) just everything. It's summer
Sitting outside on my porch swing and realizing in six's all gone. And everything is different. So I'm grabbing every Sunday gossip session with Sarah Davis, every crazy swim party with my friends, every late night visit from people I care about, every sister day ending in weird meals, every laid back night with my family, every stressful/fun day at work. All of it.

Because, to quote HSM2, right here, with's finally starting to feel like summer.

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