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10:24 AM

Drama. It's the best. Thankfully I'm not super involved, but I am involved because it involves my best friends. Let's all just assume for the moment that we love each other. Because we do. And let's assume that the opinions of our friends are important, because they are. So let's sit down, duke it out, and be ok. Because yes it sucks, and trust me I know exactly how it feels. It kills to see them with someone else, even when you don't think you still care. Because deep down you always will. That doesn't mean that either of you are right, or that either of you are wrong. You're feeling. You're caring. That's normal. So accept that, really feel how much it sucks for both of you, and then maybe you can think about what it's like for the other person. Anyway...I love you both. And I don't want this to ruin anything. So let's be ok:)

On a much much lighter note. My love life is fabulous right now :) Except for people who creep on us and make it awkward. That's all. :)

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