Day of Birth

9:42 AM

So yesterday was my day of birth. I am eighteen. It's probably fine. So yesterday my lovely mom made me biscuits and we had sparkling cider (it was our Mormon champage) to celebrate. And then I opened my presents and got two movies that I love, itunes gift cards, some money, some gum, and some clothes and jewelry. Pretty great stuff. Then school was fabulous, and I got to spend some time with some amazing friends who are the best :) Driving to Orange Leaf and around Kaysville, got a CD of some great songs and someone spent too much money on me ;)
I read Ash's blog and started crying because she's so good to me, all my friends are.

Then something happened to make me really question some decisions I've made. Of course, Randy was right there making it all better. But the fact that what this other person was saying was true really hit me. But something else hit me too. He has no right to tell me anything about my life or my decisions. He's supposed to be completely focused on where his life is going in less than a week, and he's caught up in high school, causing drama where it doesn't need to be. So here's my words to you. I feel bad for you. I'm sorry I didn't feel that way about you, but it's obvious why. You create contention and drama that frankly, I don't need in my life. It's just bringing you down. You can't stand the fact that I am blissfully happy, and the fact that he might be too. But you know what? That's your problem. Stop dragging me into it.

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